Music at it's essence is what gives us memories.

One shot!  That's all you have.  Making or braking a party has a lot to do with the DJ you choose.  So you better  choose wisely.  We don't pretend to be the best, but we are sure that - after more than 3.000 unique parties for people of all ages, social classes and countries all over the world -  we know what we are doing.  Giving you the best party you ever had is our biggest achievement, the smile on your guests faces, our biggest reward. If you need a dj to entertain a variety of guests, we strongly recommend to contact Musication.

If we can't do it, we know somebody who can.

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'80's: Discotheques (B): Mustang, The Lord, ...

'90's: Discotheques (B): Xanadu, Cherrymoon; Krypton, Carré, Carré Beach, Scala, 21, Dibango,...

00's: Swing café's, weddings, private and corporate parties.

10's: International corporate parties

Berlin, Istanbul, Prague, Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Luxembourg, Germany, Vienna, Barcelona ...

2017: the saga continues.. corporate and private parties.


BNI - Volvo -  Microsoft - Adecco - Pierre Fabre -Brantano - Renault - Connections

Owner & resident dj of party pub 'den Heiligen Gheest' Aalst Belgium

Music is one of the key elements in any successful event.

The importance of music does not start at the end

but from the beginning.

Walter Sibret - Musication

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